1 Barrel of Claycrete II™

52.8 Gallons | 200 Litres

Covers 1 mile | 1 kilometer of pavement

10 feet wide by 8 inches deep | 5 meters wide by 200 millimeters deep

The Claycrete Formula

We do recommend some soil tests to determine the Plasticity Index and Fine Percentage. Those numbers are important in determining the Cation Exchange Capacity.

Plasticity Index x Fine Percentage = Cation Exchange Capacity

PI x Fine % = CEC

If your pavement is a good candidate for Claycrete, the CEC will range between 50 - 400. Within this range, you can achieve the best results. There are several reasons for this we would be happy to discuss with you.

Soil Tests

The Atterberg Test is to determine the Plasticity Index. The Hydrometer Test is to determine the Particle Size Distribution. So far, we have noticed 2 labs have the best prices to conduct the two required soil tests. Sending soil samples across country boundaries is not recommended as it causes big delays or gets denied completely.

Please check out the instructions below to understand how to collect the soil for the tests. If you use these labs they will email you the test results. Below is the contact information for a lab technician at each lab.


Englobe Corporation

Contact Information:
Darryl Flaig - Lab Supervisor
16114, 114th Avenue N.W.
Edmonton (Alberta) T5M 2Z5

Office Phone: 780.246.6247
Email: darryl.flaig@englobecorp.com
Website: Geotechnical Services by Englobe Corp

Atterberg Limits Test - $125 CAD
Hydrometer Test - $125 CAD


American Engineers, INC.

Contact Information:
Brad High - Lab Technician
65 Aberdeen Dr
Glasgow, KY 42141

Office Phone: 270.651.7220
Email: bhigh@aei.cc
Website: Geotechnical Services by AEI

Atterberg Limits Test - $50 USD
Hydrometer Test - $60 USD

Directions to Collect Soil Samples

  1. Dig a hole 6 - 8 inches deep. Or dig to the depth you typically work to.

    • IF you typically work with 6 inches of road materials, dig to 6 inches.

  2. Take all the material from that hole and put it in a 1 gallon resealable bag.

  3. Ship this bag by USPS flat rate box to American Engineers Inc.

  4. Please Request the following 2 tests:

    • Atterberg Test - ($50 USD - American Engineers) ($125 CAD - Englobe)

      • How binding the clay is in your road, which is the Plasticity Index, PI

    • Hydrometer Test - ($60 USD - American Engineers) ($125 CAD - Englobe)

      • What is the Particle Size Distribution in your road materials, including the percent of fines and clay.

  5. Both tests can be run off the same sample and you can choose to have the results emailed to you.

Let’s talk about your next steps.

Feel free to call us, or drop us a note to let us know a good time for you.

*A Linear Shrinkage Test may be required in some cases. Please speak with us directly to determine if this is necessary for your project.