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Claycrete II™ is a certified, zero-harm, chemical soil stabilizer used in all forms of soil stabilization.

For over 20 years we have stabilized clay gravel and limestone soils into strong, permanent, load-bearing and water resistant pavements.

From roads to grain storage to dams, we have stabilized it all.

Claycrete II™ has been formulated to never wear out or need re-application. If your project needs to be reworked in the future - just add water.

Why Claycrete?

High CBR

Less Maintenance


Non Toxic


SGS Certified Eco-Friendly


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Claycrete II™ has been used to stabilize pavements of all kinds, such as:

  • Quality Haul Roads, including Logging, Quarry and Refinery Roads

  • Sealed and Unsealed Roads

  • Road Bases, Sub Bases and Sealed Road Bases

  • Full Depth Reclamation Projects

  • Farm to Market Roads

To see if your road is a good candidate, from your soil samples multiply the Plasticity Index by the Clay Fraction to get the Cation Exchange Capacity. If the CEC is between 50 and 400 your road may be a good fit and Claycrete II™ can be considered.


We all know potholes are a big nuisance, and even more frustrating is the pothole repair mix that never seems to last despite being quite expensive.

Claycrete II™ will treat 5 cubic meters of road material using only 1 litre of Claycrete II™. In the USA - that is 5 cubic yards for 1 quart of Claycrete II™.

This means over 11,000 lbs of pothole mix for about $30 or roughly 185 bags of pothole mix at 60 lbs a bag.

When mixed with Claycrete II™, material can be stored in the yard indefinitely as Claycrete II™ never wears out. When you need pothole mix now, or years from now, go to the yard and grab as much as you need. Fill the pothole with the premixed Claycrete II™ add some water, pack and seal.

Grain Storage

Whether it is open air grain storage or emergency grain storage, having a proper floor allows you to keep more product and lose less. It is quite expensive to lay concrete for massive storage areas and this process takes time to set up before use. More affordable floor seals, such as asphalt or bitumen, may contaminate the part of the product it is in contact with and can lead to 'shrinkage' or product loss.

Claycrete II™ can be installed quickly at a Fraction of the Price.

On top of that, it is environmentally safe and will not contaminate food products or lead to 'shrinkage'. Recently, Claycrete II™ was used for emergency storage bin floors and within 5 days of installation the floor had a CBR rating over 150.

Fast installation at a fraction of the cost combined with a zero harm certification makes Claycrete II™ a viable solution.

Structural Floors

Buildings of all shapes and sizes should be constructed on solid ground. Claycrete II™ will stabilize the ground that your foundation will go on. This leads to less issues around the foundation settling, fewer cracked foundations and ensures your structure will remain standing for years to come.

Warehouses, agricultural buildings, residential structures, outdoor pavilions, and parking lots are just a few of the areas where Claycrete II™ has been successfully used while reducing overall costs and maintenance.

Helipads & Airstrips 

Claycrete II™ treated runways, helipads and airstrips dramatically reduce dust and leave a smooth surface. These surfaces take a beating from the force and weight of landing aircraft and they need to be able to withstand the pressure. Having a strong road base is essential and that is exactly what Claycrete II™ provides.

The strength often achieved with a Claycrete II™ stabilized base, in terms of CBR, is so high that a pavement with a thinner surface layer can be used because it is durable enough to handle more force. To accomplish this, airfields can use in-situ materials, and no matter how remote, can create or improve their runways and helipads to high standards with a low cost.

Dams, Dikes, Levees & Tailing Ponds 

Small leaks lead to big leaks and big leaks lead to failures. Stop leaks in the first place and keep water at bay with Claycrete II™.

Whether it is stabilizing a dam, dike, levee or tailing pond, Claycrete II™ treated material will be highly water resistant. By slowing the speed of water ingress to your floors and walls, your structure is stable for a much longer time. Claycrete II™ aims to slow this ingress of water by 1000 times, meaning a longer lifespan over non treated materials and goodbye to leaks.



When Claycrete II™ bonds with fine clay particles they take on hydrophobic properties. These new water repellent properties help to rapidly separate any water away from the treated material. Tailing ponds that have been treated with Claycrete II™ are able to quickly recycle used water back into system processes and get more use out of the tailing ponds without the need for expansion.

One liter of Claycrete II™ can be used to treat 3000-4000 liters of material with very economical outcomes.

No matter the industry, if you need to separate solids from liquids faster than your current solution, give Claycrete Global a call.