iNITIAL Reaction Test

Claycrete II™ is being used as a low cost, environmentally friendly option for road building and other construction projects - given the high costs of building materials. To help understand how our chemical soil stabilizer would work in your projects, we have a sample container to send you, so you can perform a test to see the patented water repelling effects in action.

The Claycrete Reaction Test is an effective way to determine if Claycrete II™ will be a viable chemical soil stabilizer for your construction project. If you have not yet received a sample of Claycrete II™ then please Contact Us and we will ship one to you as soon as possible. This sample is the same concentrate as the product we would add to your water trucks and is sold by the barrel.


What You Need

The following items are required in order to perform the Claycrete Jar Test:

  • 1 Claycrete II™ Sample - 1 fluid ounces, or 30 ml, of concentrate

  • 1 Bottle of Potable Water - 10-20 fluid ounces, or 300-600 ml

  • 2 Mason Jars

  • 1 Tablespoon

  • Soil Sample - 8 inch depth (200mm) preferable, surface through to base course

iNITIAL REACTION Test Instructions

  1. Take the soil sample from the road you are considering to use with Claycrete II™ and split it between the 2 Mason Jars, one will be used as the control and the other is the test.

  2. Add plain, potable water to one soil sample, the control.

  3. Open the Claycrete II™ Sample and measure out 1 Tablespoon of concentrated chemical soil stabilizer to add to the water bottle.

  4. Pour water with Claycrete II™ solution into the second soil sample.

  5. Put lids on both jars and shake.

What Is Happening?

If your road materials are good candidates to use with Claycrete II™ you will see an immediate reaction in the jar containing the sample solution of chemical soil stabilizer. The Claycrete II™ reacts with the clay particles of your soil sample, changing their properties from attracting water to repelling water. The water will be pushed to the top layer in the jar as the clay attracts to itself and settles towards the bottom.

What Does This Mean?

It means that your material has the fines needed to work with Claycrete II™. This also means that getting an Atterberg Test to measure PI and Hydrometer Test for PSD would be justified as the next step since we know there are fines present and now it is a matter of how much are there. Testing is critical to provide the necessary information to build the best possible roads with your material. If the material separates at the same rate then you know there are no fines present and unless you are willing to add fine material with a measurable PI, you should look for another site.