Claycrete II™ Construction Works


Plan For Drainage | Vary Rolling Resistance | Reduce Maintenance Costs

Save Your Fleet And Use Your Equipment Longer

Spend Less Money On Routine Maintenance Costs

Build Strong & Durable Roads

Drive Faster, Safely, On Better Roads

Protect Your Environment From Toxins



Initial Design Parameters

  • Planning drainage to accommodate easiest path for water to travel

  • Varying rolling resistances for hauling loads uphill and level ground vs. downhill

  • Reducing maintenance costs by using less water trucks for dust control

Claycrete II™ Construction Works

  • Drainage designed with ditches leading to settling ponds, catch drains to reduce scour and table drains for haul roads

  • 3 lane haul roads, including trolley lane, with a rolling resistance under 2.5%

  • Fines locked in road to reduce dust

  • All haul roads sealed to reduce scouring from water runoff, minimize maintenance costs and enable Lane Departure Detection Systems