Unsealed Roads

Use Claycrete II™ to increase strength and add high water resistant capabilities to your unsealed road projects. Claycrete II™ can be used in gravel road construction, rehabilitation or maintenance and is a one-time application.

In the future, if you need to add drainage or additional work, rip the road and bring it back up to the Optimum Moisture Content, OMC, then roll and shape it as desired - the results will be the same strength and durability as the initial application without any additional Claycrete II™.

Roadworks constructed using clay gravel stabilized with Claycrete II™ have noticeably improved in the following 10 key areas:

  1. Increased road density

  2. Increased load bearing capacity

  3. Reduced water permeability

  4. Reduced dust

  5. Reduced washboarding

  6. Reduced frost boils

  7. Reduced potholes

  8. Lower costs for maintenance cycles

  9. Lower gravel costs

  10. Lower impact to local communities as construction is quick and the road can be driven on immediately.