sealed Road Base

Claycrete II™ treated materials are a great road base for chip seal, asphalt or concrete sealed roads. When these seals fail, most issues can be traced back to the underlying material - the road base. When the base is stabilized with Claycrete II™ your whole road construction benefits. You get high a California Bearing Ratio, CBR, that does not increase brittleness as found with cement stabilization. You also get a highly water resistant road base that keeps moisture from coming up from the bottom and coming in from the side.

Contractors can put a great looking pavement on the road and have all the right tests at the time of installation, but if there is not sufficient attention put into the base of the road, the seal used will fail much sooner than it should. If your base is bad, it will not matter how much seal you put on - 3 layers of chip seal, 6 inches of asphalt or 8 inches of concrete. The road base is key to long lasting roads and getting a return on your investment.