ROADSEAL™ is a non-bituminous water soluble sealant for unsealed roads, providing speedy low cost road surface maintenance.

Designed to meet the requirement for dust free, water resistant road surfaces ROADSEAL™ is applied by fan spray or dribble bar from a water tanker. This gives Local Authorities, mines, plantations and other road managers the opportunity to control dust and improve weather resistance while using only a water tanker. It reduces or removes the necessity for dry grader maintenance.

Surfaces need to be firm and well prepared. They may be brushed or blown to reveal the bound surface. ROADSEAL™ is applied at dilutions of 1 part of product to 100 parts of water. The road surface should receive 20mls per square meter which may be applied as a single spray or several lighter coats.

The effect of the product is to seal the surface to increase water resistance and minimise fugitive dust.

Depending on frequency of traffic the surface may last weeks or months. Re-application at the same rate will continue to strengthen the seal.

ROADSEAL™ is not a silicon based product and roads that are sealed are not slippery when wet. The surface characteristics of the natural surface are not filled or smoothed by the application.

ROADSEAL™ is a preventative maintenance surface sealant and not a substitute for bitumen seals. It does allow for accumulation of road surface prior to road sealing. Bitumen coating over ROADSEAL™ requires a cationic emulsion coat as preparation for seal.


Kalfoss™ is a stabilizer for lime seals, crushed limestone, calcrete and sand/limestone mixes.  It improves the finish and strength of limestone materials and facilitates reduced pavement thickness.  Another benefit from the treatment which was largely unexpected has been a reduction in the levels of fugitive dust emissions from many of the materials.  This reduction is long lasting.

Applied in a diluted form Kalfoss™ is blended with the pavement material and the mix is compacted while moist.  Application can be made through dribble spray bar or by fan spray.  Repeat applications during mixing procedures should be applied at a rate that does not result in "run-off".

Material is ready for compaction when the material forms a cohesive lump when grasped but should not be so wet that it sticks to the hand.  If the treated material sticks to the roller, the roller should be withdrawn to allow the reaction to complete.  As soon as the material no longer sticks to the roller it should be thoroughly compacted. Once compaction with the steel drum is completed the road may be sprayed again and rolled with a multi-tyred roller.

Kalfoss™ creates a tightly bound surface with high abrasion resistance and high weather resistance.  Pavement CBR will be increased depending on depth of stabilization. The prepared surface is ideal for sealing.

Kalfoss™  is ideally applied in the same way as Claycrete™.  A careful water bind and solid compaction will achieve the best results.  We have also had success with spray on applications, they have a cumulative effect.  A treated surface is ideal for sealing.  Unsealed roads show high resistance to abrasion and weather.

Kalfoss™ is an aquamarine coloured liquid that disperses immediately in water.  It can be pumped using metal or plastic pumps and will not harm cast iron or steel.

Kalfoss™ does not leach.  The product causes a chemical reaction which is irreversible and lasts throughout the pavement life.

A typical untreated calcrete or Limestone road.

A typical untreated calcrete or Limestone road.

Calcrete or Limestone after treatment showing well bound surface.

Calcrete or Limestone after treatment showing well bound surface.


Your shifting sands problems can now be solved with minimum fuss and minimum cost.  Zerosion™ means zero erosion from the moment it hits the sand or other loose material.

Zerosion™ is an environmentally friendly sand stabilizer that is easily applied by water cannon or spray.  Once Zerosion™ hits the sand that is the end of sand storm and migrating dunes. The treatment dries to leathery jacket which incorporates the sand and looks totally natural.

During rain Zerosion™ absorbs moisture and when the rain stops the Zerosion™ dries and hardens again.  One simple application will last for months. Heavier applications will last far more than a year.

Areas which are damaged by accident or trespass are easily repaired.  Beach stabilization can be achieved and dune erosion can easily be prevented or arrested by this product.  Stockpile management becomes a breeze even in heavy weather.  Dust storms from tailings dams are no longer a necessary part of the mining environment.

This amazing product is made from naturally occurring materials which are friendly to the environment and the most user friendly stabilizer that is possible.

Zerosion™ is a viscous brown liquid product that is delivered in 25, 200 and 1000 litre delivery units. Tanker delivery and application is also available. Zerosion™ is safe in our environment and safe to handle.

Zerosion™ consists of a complex blend of naturally occurring cellulose polymer products and waterproofing agents that are environmentally sensitive.  Small amounts of preservatives are added to extend product shelf life.  Zerosion's™ weather resistant characteristics improve with age.

Zerosion™ binds loose soil particles to form a bound stiff surface with limited flexibility. This surface is extremely resistant to wind abrasion and dust lift.  With many surfaces dust lift is aggravated by the abrasive properties of wind which is already carrying sand. The material will become soft and pliable when wet but as it dries it becomes harder each time.

Durabilty of the treatment will depend on many factors but periods of up to eighteen months of stability from a 100mls per square metre treatment are predicted.

For the stabilization of coal or sand stockpiles Zerosion™ can be applied by water cannon or by fire hose. Cost is a major factor in dust suppression because most dust suppression requires frequent re-application.

Zerosion™ is a low cost product that can give lasting results from a little as 10  cents per square metre (based  on an application rate of 100mls per m2).

Zerosion™ is safe to handle and safe for the environment. Zerosion™ is a natural product that has been kept as free from preservatives as possible. It has a shelf life of only one month and high temperatures should be avoided.

Large Exposed Areas
For dust suppression and stabilization of large areas bulk delivery by tanker ensures that the delivery and application process can be as efficient as possible. Large areas can be handled most effectively by application direct from the delivery tanker. This service ensures rapid application and correct application rates.

Tailing dams, stockpiles, runways and airstrip clearways, helipads and many other surfaces that are dust sources can all be corrected with Zerosion™.

Zerosion™ is designed to prevent or minimise the dust, drift and erosion of sands and other loose grained materials that are stockpiled or exposed by earthworks. Zerosion™ enhances germination and regrowth and is an excellent preparation for rehabilitation.

Zerosion™ can be used for:

  • Beach stabilization above high water mark
  • Sand mining - rehabilitation stabilization
  • Sand mining - stockpile protection
  • Civil works - protection of uncovered areas from erosion by wind
  • Airfields and runways - protection of runways from drift of sand or other loose materials
  • Farming - preservation of loose ground from wind erosion
  • Highway construction - protection of exposed  banks and slopes
  • Golf courses - stabilization of earthworks during construction
  • Brick paving - stabilization of sand beds
  • Agriculture - protection of finely tilted soil from erosion by wind

After dilution the product can be easily applied by water cannon or any appropriate spray bar or dribble bar. Tank mixes of Zerosion™ need constant agitation until applied.

Zerosion™ can be applied at rates from 75mls to 175mls per square metre depending on durability required. Repeat applications give accumulative strength.

Zerosion™ is nature's way of binding loose soils. This product is environmentally safe it will not harm flora or fauna in application. The product has a shelf life of 1-3 months and is normally delivered in bulk tankers and used immediately. The strength of the binding process can partly be attributed to the characteristics that lead to a short shelf life. Once applied as directed the benefits may last eighteen months or more.