Full Depth Reclamation

To maintain and rehabilitate aging roads and parking infrastructure can be a challenge. Claycrete II™ combines with the existing failed pavement, including the underlying base, to preserve your initial road investment.

This process of Full Depth Reclamation, FDR, reduces the need to haul out used materials and haul in expensive new materials. When using Claycrete II™ there is a minimal impact on local business and residents because of the shortened construction period - the road can be used immediately after compaction, and no drying or setting time is required.

Consider Claycrete II™ FDR if your roads are experiencing asphalt failure with patches in excess of 20% or chip seal failures due to a weak sub base. It is cost effective as it preserves the initial road investment as a low cost chemical soil stabilizer using reclaimed materials.

Reclamation projects using Claycrete II™ have experienced the following benefits, among others: Claycrete II™ increases durability of roads, even where the base thickness and new surface course layers are decreased, as well as decreasing pavement permeability to water. Claycrete II™ leaves a reduced carbon footprint, and is certified as safe, posing zero harm to the environment and personnel.